Evoltr® is the modern-day version of the cod liver oil consumed by Norwegians 1,000 years ago during the Viking age, enhanced by today’s best sustainability, ethical, tracking and safety practices.


Look at any bottle of Evoltr® Omega-3 oil and you’ll know when and from which fishing vessel it came from, thanks to our quality control systems.


After the primary onboard preparation of our oil, it’s transferred to nearby facilities, where all of the production processes are performed under nitrogen atmosphere or vacuum to avoid benefit-reducing oxidation.


The fisheries supplying Evoltr® were the first of their kind to be certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for their sustainable fishing conditions and commitment to safeguarding resources for future generations.


Evoltr® is produced from trimmings from the food production of cod fished off the Norwegian coast and in the Barents Sea to ensure that no part of the fish is wasted.

Why evoltr?

Why evoltr?

Not all Omega-3 products are created equally. Many products on the market today are at risk for oxidation and toxicity, and they’re often sourced in unethical and unsustainable ways.

Our vision for Evoltr® is to help you revolt against the status quo by boosting your health the safe, ethical and eco-friendly way. That’s why we’ve partnered with a MSC-certified Norwegian fishery that draws on innovative and sustainable harvesting methods and centuries of tradition to produce pure, clean-tasting Omega-3 oil from freshly caught Arctic wild fish.

The Benefits of Omega 3

Omega-3 is one of the most researched nutrients in the world, with over 27,000 published studies on its positive effect on our wellbeing, starting from in the womb and well into advanced age. That’s how we know DHA and EPA, the two crucial Omega-3 fatty acids, are necessary for our bodies to function and deliver significant health benefits, such as:

  • Aiding the development of our brain, eyes and muscles
  • Maintaining normal heart function
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Helping achieve normal blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Protecting our cells from oxidative stress
  • Depressing inflammation
  • Enhancing immune response
  • Improving joint function
  • Reducing memory loss in the elderly
  • Supporting the body for healthy aging

When using Omega-3 oil regularly for at least 120 days, results show that most people will experience greater wellness due to achieving a better fatty acid balance in the body.

Our Story

Why we decided to get involved with Omega 3

Omega-3 didn’t play a role in our life until some of our family was faced with Alzheimer’s. Powerless against the disease’s onslaught, we began to research its causes—and what could decrease its advancement within our own family, as well as prevent it completely in others.

What we learned was surprising—diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and sclerosis are potentially avoidable, and the sooner we start enriching our diets with Omega-3, the greater our chance of maintaining wellness throughout our lifetimes.

Regular intake of the “good” Omega-3 fats our bodies and brains need to develop properly and function well can help deter the onset of life-diminishing diseases.

But as much as our bodies need these nutrients, we can’t produce them. We can only achieve optimal levels through a diet rich in fatty fish like cod, salmon and sardines, or through supplementation. At the same time, our modern lifestyle sees us eating more processed food, which is rife with Omega-6 plant oils.

The absence of adequate Omega-3 in our diet combined with consuming more Omega-6 means that the fatty acid levels in our bodies are out of balance. The larger the gap between them in our body, the more susceptible we are to disease.

Realising how high the incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s is today, and having identified a way to stem its increase through supplementation of Omega-3, we began our search for a quality source. When we didn’t find a product that was good enough for our families and the environment, we decided to source our own.

Where you can find us

Nordic Nutrition Group

CVR no. 37933538
Islands Brygge 79 C (8502)
DK- 2300 København S


When it comes to your health, origin matters.

From our Nordic sea fishing boats to your bottle, evoltr’s pure, health-boosting Omega-3 oil is sustainably sourced, ethically produced and conscientiously crafted to improve your wellness.

sustainably sourced
ethically produced
conscientiously crafted