Meet Captain Fish

The little strong guy in charge of creating the best fuel for your adventures. Come along as he sails his fishing boat across the Nordic seas.


Ready for an adventure?


Adventure Essentials

It’s not easy to sail a boat all day and seek adventures on the sea, but it is for Captain Fish because he always has evoltr kids Omega-3 with him: a bottle of oil just for kids like you that contains energy-boosting, strength-giving powers.

Do you want to see the exciting journey
that Captain Fish goes on to create
his special bottles of evoltr kids Omega-3?


One spoonful a day and you’ll be ready to go on your own adventures, too!

Our bodies need something called “Omega-3,” a special substance that helps our brains develop, our eyes see, our muscles grow, our lungs breathe and our hearts beat. Without Omega-3 to keep us strong and healthy, it's easier for us to feel tired or catch a cold and have to stay home while our friends are playing.

Kids like you, that are growing and getting bigger every day, need a daily dose of evoltr kids Omega-3 to help them stay outside longer, play with their friends more, and grow up to be strong just like Captain Fish.

Colds, coughs, fevers and being tired are no match for Captain Fish and evoltr kids Omega-3.


Encouraging children
to take evoltr kids


For growing children, whose bodies and brains are still developing, Omega-3 is vital to their good health. Our hope is to help you get your children excited about taking their wellness into their own hands and teach them about the benefits of our safe, ethical and eco-friendly Omega-3 oil in a fun and engaging way.

We’ve assembled a few ideas below to help you get your kids “on board” with taking their daily dose of evoltr kids Omega-3.


Introduce them 
to Captain Fish

Visit this site with your children and let them get to know Captain Fish and the adventures he goes on to find the best oil for them. Emphasise that evoltr kids Omega-3 makes them strong, energetic and ready to go on an adventure.


Start them 

The fastest rate of brain development across the entire human life span occurs between birth and age 3. That’s why Omega-3 is so important for babies and toddlers, and why our pure, great-tasting and traceable Omega-3 oil is specifically formulated to be safe, enjoyable and easy for small chilldren to take. Ensuring that they get the nutrients they need for strong and healthy development is one of the most important things we can do. University of Denver Marsico Institute
for Early Learning & Literacy


Make it part 
of your daily routine

Have your children help get breakfast ready by putting their bottle of evoltr kids Omega-3 on the table. This practice is great for children ages 2 and up because it encourages them to take an interest in and play an active role in their own health and nutrition. It also sets the stage for developing good food habits that they'll carry with them throughout their lives.



We also make evoltr, a product just for adults. For more information visit


Fuel your everyday adventures
with evoltr kids Omega-3 oil!